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Did you think that Celtic Art was all about flower faeries, sweetness and light? You've forgotten who invented Halloween.
Embrace your inner pirate with our knotwork skull and crossbones t-shirt; brand yourself with a Celtic art treatment of the Biohazard symbol; decorate yourself with a blazing Chaos Star, interlaced cats, or sigils of the stars, the moon, and the ancient Ankh of Egypt.
At Saga Shirts, we make Celtic Art the way it wasn't meant to be made.
Then we put it on shirts. You want some.

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Consider our Pirate-or-Poison Skull & Crossbones shirt. At a distance, it's something that seems known, familiar.
But seen closely - intimately - it's full of twists and turns and spiky bits. It's not what it seemed to be.
You back away. But you still know that what's inside isn't what you thought it was.

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